STELLWERK, Hamburg, Germany

I have never been their but I got recommendations by some friend of mine. The STELLWERK in Hamburg, Germany is a very special kind of a jazz club. First it is situated in an railway station which is quite unusal. Second it is the only jazz club I know with psychedelic visuals behind the stage. Have a look at the video of "Barefoot" playing live at Stellwerk and see for yourself. The programme is a very interesting mix of famous names and highquality-newcomers. They even show jazzrelated Films sometimes.

Trio barefoot im Jazzclub im Stellwerk - hamburg1video
Trio barefoot im Jazzclub im Stellwerk - hamburg1video


BIMHUIS, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Branford Marsalis is unsparing in his enthusiasm for the Amsterdam club, which has been a center for jazz in Europe since it opened in 1973. "I only played there once before, with Art Blakey in 1981, and I've wanted to bring my own band into the Bimhuis ever since," he admits. "It's simply one of the two or three best jazz clubs in the world, because the room is intimate and the focus is on presenting the music instead of selling food and drinks. There is a bar outside of the performance space, and people do go there to hang, but once they walk into the club itself, it's all about the music." (Branford Marsalis, liner notes DVD 'A Love Supreme Live In Amsterdam', recorded at the Bimhuis on March 30, 2003)

Get an impression of the Bimhuis with this videclip of Heleen van den Hombergh siging "All the Gold" live at this legendary jazzclub.


PORGY & BESS, Vienna, Austria

Definitely the best jazz club in austria, maybe the best club in europe. P&B is the place to be when you want to see national and international top acts. If you have just one night in vienna than forget the opera or the spanish horse riding school. Porgy & Bess is definitely the place to be.
Many times the plan to move "Porgy & Bess into the Rondell space” hung in the balance. It was Vienna’s first smoker movie theater and a "legend” as a porno cinema. In 1991 it closed its doors for good – Big Sleep for "Deep Throat” – the end for the innercity "Lust Resort” and the birth of Porgy & Bess.

Depart feat. Harry Sokal live at Porgy & Bess:


Historical club of the city, Alexanderplatz is known to the public for its intense concert activity that has also seen the club being a protagonist of important Jazz Festivals. The club is characterized by a warm and Mitteleuropean environment and for the unmistakable marks of the signatures and graffiti on the club’s wall made by the most prestigious international jazz artists.
The jazz club is the ideal place to bring friends, meet new people and listen to all kind of stories, living for sure a night of emotions. The club offers to its clients a kind and professional service, an international cuisine, with a strong Mediterranean flavour and an excellent American bar.